About Us

Jonathan Phillips | Director

Jonathan has spent many years in both the marine and the construction industry.  Heading the teams, Jonathan’s hands on approach to the work means that you will normally find him up side down in a bilge whilst staring wide eyed at some floor beams or admiring the sheer of a ship on the horizon. Jonathan has a passion for classic wooden vessels and his experience in ship repairs combined with his passion for anything for boats of all shapes and sizes, he is able to see solutions that others might deem impossible. 
James Phillips

After spending his summers in the Mediterranean, James has settled back in Chichester and has brought back with him the care and attention that is demanded by the large super yacht yards in the South of France and Italy. Specializing in paint finishing, gel repairs and polishing, James has an eye for detail that is second to none.

David Clarke
After a career in the film industry David is our engineer and has experience in all aspects of a Classic boat. Having spent some time in the aviation industry, David has a passion for both boat and planes, he even built a Tiger Moth back in Australia that is still flying and being used for pleasure flights. David lives on an old classic wooden vessel so his perspective is very sympathetic and knowledgeable, values that are very much appreciated by our clients. 
Harry Gedes

Harry is our general finisher and is a fully trained ships carpenter. After spending a year training with a local spray finishing company Harry brings some order to the projects with his methodical sense of procedure he can produce amazing results especially with varnish and lacquers. He is also a keen Chelsea supporter and keeps us all fit and healthy.

Mark Haines

Also a ships carpenter Mark has a wealth of experience in both marine and building carpentry. He is a multi tasker and is a valuable member of the team . Known for his excellent selection of tools and his love of all things wooden ( he even has wooden sunglasses) Mark is also a keen motorcyclist.

Experience through hard work

Our team has a wealth of experience in all aspects of boat maintenance and we are happy to chat with you no matter how large or small your job is. We are passionate about boats of all shapes and sizes, we would be delighted to discuss either over the phone or via email.